Daily Harvest Aquaponics Colorado Springs

Meet Daily Harvest Aquaponics

In December of 2013, after extensive research and site visits to view current aquaponics operations, Gavin Vitt committed to opening Daily Harvest Aquaponics. He formulated a business plan and contracted with an aquaponics consultant to design what is, in his opinion, the most productive, bio-secure, and efficient “controlled environment agriculture” aquaponics farm in Colorado. Farming, and the green industry in general, have long been a part of the Vitt family tradition.

Gavin’s great grandparents immigrated from what was then Bohemia and settled on a homestead in O’Neill, Nebraska, where they and their descendants have farmed for generations. Gavin’s parents owned and operated Lawn Doctor in Colorado Springs for over 30 years.

After graduating from Santa Clara University, Gavin spent 4 years in active service as an officer in the US Army. Upon leaving the Army, he returned to Colorado Springs to once again join the family business, Lawn Doctor, which he led for 12 years.












An idea is sparked

04.01.2013  — On a flight from Denver to Atlanta, Gavin first reads about “Aquaponics.” He is intrigued with how the science of the process works, the true sustainability it offers, and potential that this might have as a fit for his future.

Gavin tours Colorado Aquaponics

08.01.2013 — Gavin meets DJ and Tawnya Sawyer of Colorado Aquaponics and tours the GrowHaus. He is truly impressed and compelled to learn more.

Gavin visits Nelson + Pade in Montello Wisconsin

11.11.2013  — Rebecca Nelson and John Pade have been doing aquaponics since the early 1990’s and controlled environment agriculture since the mid 1980’s. In the past 16 years, they have taught aquaponics to nearly 12,000 people in workshops and at conferences around the world. After completing the Aquaponics Masters Class and the Extended Stay Learning Program, Gavin was hooked and knew that Aquaponics would be his next entrepreneurial venture.

A business plan is created

12.11.2013 — After a great deal of research, learning, and soul searching, Gavin decides to move forward with this dream. He names the venture Daily Harvest Aquaponics and gets to work on the tremendous logistics involved in turning the warehouse that was Lawn Doctor for 30 years into a year round Aquaponics farm.

The equipment arrives!

04.01.2014  — An 18 wheeler packed to the brim arrives with all of the components that will comprise Daily Harvest Aquaponics. Gavin and his father, Gary, begin the tremendous undertaking of assembling everything. Brian from Nelson + Pade assists with the dry fit of the equipment and is crucial to the project moving forward.

Daily Harvest Aquaponics Colorado SpringsDaily Harvest Aquaponics Colorado Springs

Friends and family rally to help with the build.

07.12.2014 — Thank you again to all who helped. You are wonderful.

Daily Harvest Aquaponics Colorado Springs Daily Harvest Aquaponics Colorado Springs

The Daily Harvest Aquaponics sign goes on the building!

07.12.2014  — Yep, that is Gavin and Gary installing the sign at the risk of falling to their doom. Gotta love do it yourselfers.

Daily Harvest Aquaponics Colorado Springs Daily Harvest Aquaponics Colorado Springs

Fish and Seeds!

08.03.2014 — Our first fish are introduced into the nursery system and our first seeds are planted.

Daily Harvest Aquaponics Colorado Springs Daily Harvest Aquaponics Colorado Springs

Thumbs Up!

09.03.2014 — The Pikes Peak Chapter of the American Culinary Federation comes for a tour and gives us a thumbs up. This is how we have grown!! We are only a few weeks away from harvesting our first lettuce and herbs.

Daily Harvest Aquaponics Colorado Springs Daily Harvest Aquaponics Colorado Springs